A Month of Firsts

Well, we made it! Our first month open as a bridal boutique in downtown Savannah was a success! We sold some dresses, made so many connections, and survived a HURRICANE y'all! 

Our first bride was such a joy to help! Of course it had to be a special situation. All firsts are, right? Our sweet girl got married this past weekend in her stunning gown and we could not be more excited to have been able to assist her! After our first bride came a few more and we LOVED helping them all! Amidst the joy, we also felt the first heartbreak of rejection as others came in to look at our dresses but bought elsewhere. But that happens. It's all part of the business. We REFUSED to be discouraged, pulled ourselves up by our boot straps, and continued to look for the next bride we can help! Every time we see that appointment notification pop up our little hearts skip a beat with excitement!   

We have made so many new friends!!! Mr. Gary from the Smith Brother's butcher shop a few doors down has been a ray of sunshine during our new journey! He comes to check in on us regularly and puts a smile on our face every day. Heather- one of our fellow bridal store owners reached out to us to welcome us to the neighborhood. THIS IS WHAT IT'S ABOUT PEOPLE! So- thank you Heather for showing kindness towards the new kids in town! You certainly made a great impression on the two of us and your kindness will never be forgotten. We've made connections with marketing professionals, other wedding vendors, a very sweet lady for all of our alterations, and so many more. The people of Savannah have been so welcoming and it has truly warmed our hearts!  

We went to our first bridal show in Atlanta (VOW) and cannot wait to show you all some of the great things we found!! We even survived a hurricane during that process. Yes guys. A dang hurricane our first month in business. Irma- you did not get the best of us! In fact, you made our story that much more entertaining. We tucked all of our ladies in their garment bags and put them in a safe location. And we prayed. A LOT of prayers. We are heartbroken to know there are some that were not as fortunate. Our thoughts and prayers are still with those that Irma impacted.

As we sit here and reflect on our first month in preparation for our grand opening this week, we are continually reminded of our blessings. We are so thankful. Thankful for our brides, thankful for our new friends and the people of Savannah, thankful for friendly competitors showing kindness, thankful that Irma showed us some mercy, thankful for supportive friends and family. We cannot wait to celebrate with everyone Friday! Love to you all!

Jessica and Emily    

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