You Miss The Chances You Don't Take

We have all heard that one before.. Mary Elizabeth’s Bridal is here today because two women took a chance! Here I am Sarah Ann, the new intern typing this blog post because I took a chance in reaching out and asking for an internship with this flourishing business. Taking a chance doesn’t stop with me though another young woman had the same idea I had and reached out about an internship with Mary Elizabeth’s. Now here we both are working for one of our favorite stores here in Savannah. We have all gotten to the point we are at in life because we took a chance at some point.

While not everything always turns out the way we would hope you will never know until you take a chance. So whether it’s on saying yes to a new opportunity life has thrown in front of you, going for your dream job, or just taking a chance on something that makes you happy- TAKE IT! Minimize the “Should haves” and go for it! We hardly ever regret the chances we take but instead the chances we didn’t.

Today is for taking a chances!