Own Your Style!

     I have come to find that one of the best things about meeting new people is seeing that everyone has a different style that helps define who they are. With Savannah being such a diverse city, it is exciting to see how people choose to embrace who they are through what they wear, especially in the bridal industry.

    Bridal gowns are such a fun way to display a bride’s individuality for one of the most special days of her life! There is such variety in the bridal gowns. From vintage to modern, from lace to sparkles. A bride could want a thousand ruffles or sleek lines (and not to mention the vast amount of silhouettes and necklines to choose from). All of these things come together to make a beautiful gown for a beautiful bride, and we have had the pleasure to meet so many of them!

     One of my personal goals in life is to not only be confident in my own style, but also encourage others to have confidence and to be the amazing person God intended for them to be. A lot of the time we can let our insecurities or fear of opinions cloud our views of how truly great we are. Hopefully this can be an encouraging reminder that whether it is what you wear on your wedding day or even a regular Tuesday, do not be afraid to embrace that individuality!

Have a great weekend!!