Time to Accessorize!

    Your wedding dress can say a lot about your individual style. From the silhouette to the train, there are so many ways to reflect that. However, no dress is complete without accessories! We are so fortunate to be able to collaborate with Nicki O’Connell as our custom accessories designer in Mary Elizabeth’s. Nicki is the founder and owner of Adele Amelia’s Bridal Accessories, a business in which she designs and creates custom, hand-made bridal accessories. Being in the design industry since the 1980’s has given her experience in creating all kinds of accessories for all kinds of brides from all over the world.

   Whether you want a sparkly belt or an elaborate garter for your special day, Nicki can create something for you in any size, length, or color! She can also customize your shoes from lacy ballet flats to sparkly converse. And of course we cannot forget the beautiful hand-made veils (which Emily and Jessica like to call the “lipstick” of the whole wedding look). She can help you match a veil and other accessories to help further create your own perfect wedding day look!

Stop by to come see Nicki and the rest of us at Mary Elizabeth’s by making an appointment today!